March Favourites

On a rather grayish march day ive decided to brighten my mood by getting this months favourite products out and have a good old natter about why i love them. This month due to how much damage the winter does to my skin there is also some skincare featured too.

I don’t suppose for once that there are many people out there that don’t find the need for a great hand cream and lip balm to get you through the cold winter months and I’m no different, luckily i have my L’Occitane shea butter hand cream to stop my eczema taking over my hands and Nuxe ultra nourishing lip balm to soothe my poor cracked, flakey lips. If you suffer in the winter months I couldn’t recommend them any more as they have made such a difference this year. I also find that Helping hands cream from Lush is amazing too, but as its rich in essential oils there is a fragrance to it, where as the L’Occitane has no lingering scent. Lush will also give you a sample you can try before you buy which Is always a bonus.

Due to the constant central heating during the winter my skin needs a lot more pampering and I find that my normally great skin care routine seems lacking in something. 3 hero products for me this winter were Nip + Fab skin dragon’s blood fix plumping serum which I apply every morning before my moisturiser, Elemis Exotic cream moisturising mask, which i use 3 times a week and the Charlotte Tilbury Multi-miracle glow, which is a Cleanser, mask and balm for baby soft skin. These products will definitely be repurchased for when my skin needs a pick up or some extra moisture. Most of the high end product counters can offer you a sample of products before you splurge on a product that isn’t quite right, so its always worth asking.

On to this months favourite make-up, starting with foundation… yet again I’ve been trying something new. After purchasing the surprise lucky bag this year i decided to try some products from a brand I’ve never used before. I was lucky enough to get the RCMA no-colour powder which I now love, so  I decided to see if their cream foundation was just as good. I went with the RCMA series favourites palette in “Shinto” which Is classed as medium skin tones. I found shades SH-2 a good colour for me with Sh-1 working well for under the eyes and SH-4 great for the contouring. This little set is so amazing that i will be buying the full size when it’s finished as it just blends so easily, has good coverage, without looking cakey and looks like you naturally have great skin. I will definitely be trying more from this brand!IMG_0066

Blush is something I’ve not really been into…until now! I discovered Becca’s brushed with light Blush palette, again thanks to and their lucky box and I’m converted. It gives such a beautiful, healthy look to the skin and the colour is just right to not make me too rosey looking ( I naturally have rosey cheeks anyway).IMG_0069

Im loving the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer in medium/ dark. Not only is the colour perfect for my skin but it smells absolutely amazing! Chocolate fix without the calories.

Trying to type whilst being jumped on by the Murphy ( my 9 month old puppy) is not easy! He’s on play mood which includes licking me to death and making the cutest little squeaking noises. Suppose it will teach me to blog at the table rather than on my bed.

this month I’ve really gone back to my Morphe palettes as i managed to purchase the 350s and the 350 matte but my favourite for day to day looks has to be the taupe palette 35T which has a mix of matte and shimmery eyeshadows in browns, neutrals and lilac/ purple tones. At the price of 23.50 gbp from beauty bay you cant go wrong. You get so much for your money and its decent quality.IMG_0070

 Already have a few products ready for my April faves and hopefully my you tube page should be up some time this month. Hope you enjoy looking at my faves for march and if you haven’t tried any of these products then they are all great and definitely worth purchasing.

until next time my fellow beauty lovers

Steph and Murphy x



Hello to you all!

well today is a strange day, for a start the weather is so all over the place. I’m sat typing this and one minute I’m cold as the gray clouds come closer, then the next minute I’m roasting as the sunshine decides to shine directly through the bay window. I suppose it’s a bit like my mood this morning. Today was Murphy’s ( my 8 month old jack tzu puppy) monthly visit to the vet for his flea and worm treatment so i decided to let him walk back….bad idea! Murphy is a sandy colour and the heavens decided to open and soak us. I think Murphy found every patch of mud and every puddle possible!

At least i remembered my coat and had my walking boots on for once. Anyway on to my rant. Can some one please explain to me why clothing manufacturers think that once you hit a size 16 you grow in height loads too? I’m sick of trying to find clothes that don’t need altering. I’m only 5foot 1 so on the short side but still the amount of denim I have to get cut off my jeans I could make a pair for my 10 year old! Plus yes i have a chest so an average size 16 top (unless its stretchy) can be tight. At least they have now started producing pretty bras larger than a D cup, as years ago all you could get were granny ones!

Surely I’m not the only one who finds this? A few years ago i was a lot bigger due to my health and the steroids to control the inflammation and I’m sure that to fit into size 20 you had to be 6 foot tall! It’s ridiculous, yet I’m sure that the really tall ladies find sizing difficult. In a nut shell unless you are stick thin and of average height then you are destined to find clothes shopping a distressing experience, which results in extra money being spent on alterations and buying masses of wonderweb!

Rant over for now……

Steph x

February’s Favourite Products

Such a beautiful, frosty, yet sunny morning today. My favourite kind of winter morning, but rather then venture out into the cold i’m going to snuggle up warm with a lovely cuppa  and tell you all about the products i’ve been loving this past month.

Firstly I don’t know what state my skin would be in without my Elemis Procollagen marine cream. Its a god send to my poor skin. As you may know i take a lot of medications and have struggled to find a moisturizer that didn’t upset my skin. Since finding this little beauty my skin has been lovely! Thank you so much Elemis, my face loves you!

This month I decided to try the Mark Jacobs undercover perfecting coconut face primer and  the Re(marc)able full cover foundation concentrate and i can honestly say i love the flawless look it gives my skin. You only need a small amount so it will last a bit, but for a day to day use i’m thinking it could work out costly so…i then turned to my other new foundation, Urban Decay’s All Nighter liquid foundation. At £27 it’s a reasonable price and again a little goes a long way, not only that but the staying power is fabulous!img_0056

After purchasing all of the main Urban Decay Naked palettes and loving them i was very dubious about purchasing yet another palette from another different brand, but after hearing one of my favourite you tubers rave about it, I decided to buy the Too Faced chocolate palette….I’m so very glad I did as I love it. Its so creamy, blendable and the colors are just so wearable.img_0058

Talking of palettes I must tell you I about my fave palette ever… I’m in love with the colors and the textures of the Natasha Denona star palette! It’s a serious investment at around $169 from, but its so worth it in my eyes. The pigment is outstanding and its lovely and butter texture means it blends well too. If you want to try Natasha Denona eyeshadows but don’t want to spend as much she has sets of 5 eyeshadows for around $48 at Beautylish or Beautybay has 1 or 2 as well.

Now my favourite lip products (i have a few Favourites!) have to go to the beautiful new Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in pillow talk and valentine. They are available on Charlottes website only and they are rumored to be limited editions. Let’s say ive stocked up already with 3 of each! Thinking I will be needing a few more though as i can’t be without these now.img_0062

One product i could not be without and to be honest I don’t know how I managed before i found it in the USA last summer, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills pro series contour kit in medium – dark. As I unfortunately have a rounded face my cheekbones get rather lost but this kit really helps make them pop and helps to thin the face. I already have one on standby so I’m never caught out.

as you may have noticed it has been a while since i last posted an entry but i have yet again been poorly. But this time I’m determined to crack on and not let it win, so I’m back and raring to go. Hopefully i will post at least twice a week and then eventually get my you tube channel sorted out too.

Take care and be good until next week my fellow make up lovers.

Steph xxx



Sometimes…no most of the time i find life never quite goes to plan. Is that just me or the norm? Whenever I plan to do something on a certain day, more often than not something else crops up. What makes matters worse is when you have an illness it always picks the busiest times to flair up.

I suffer with chronic asthma and no its not the sort of asthma where you take an inhaler now and again. I have big bags of medication delivered by boots every month. Yes i have inhalers but i have been on regular morning and night nebulisers (4 hourly when im ill), immune suppressants, daily antibiotics etc…so not the typical Asthma. Living with a condition like this has a drastic effect on ones mental health and as a result of this and other factors I suffer from depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

Rather than focus on the negative aspects of my health i decided to concentrate on the things i love, that make me happy hence i’m here writing this blog. The way i see it I could write so much about my health issues and how they make me feel but that would be dwelling on something that I’m not willing too get me down any more than it already has, plus there are so many people out there dealing with so much worse.

Anyway i have 2 wonderful (at times!) children who according to the DRS shouldn’t be here as i was told I couldn’t carry full term, I live in a lovely house, I’m happier than ive been in years even though I went through a messy divorce last year. I finally have the confidence that I wish I had when i was younger and I realize that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, work hard and believe in yourself.

Sometimes though finding the right balance can be rather tricky. For years all my time and attention has been focused on the children, I never really thought about what i wanted or giving myself some ‘me’ time. If I wasn’t cleaning up after the children, washing, ironing (general household chores) or struggling with my health, I was worrying about how badly i did at everything. Now my children are a bit older I’m hoping i’m able to find that allusive ‘me’ time so I can focus on the things I enjoy too.

Lots of people out there suffer in silence from a ‘mental’ illness such as depression, unfortunately until you have experience of an illness such as this you can not even try to understand how someone feels. Depression is a horrible illness that can hide in plain sight. Outside people had no idea what i was going through, i looked like a happy, married mum. Inside though i was so unhappy, my self worth was at an all time low and I was lacking in any support from the people who were meant to be there. Anyway I got through it, the illness is always about in the background just like my Asthma but I am learning to not let it beat me. This blog is another way I’m learning to express myself and hopefully people out there who are going through a lot will take some comfort in the fact that we can get there, we can live with illness and we can have a happy life.

Rather a deep entry today, I know, but this time of year I know a lot of people really suffer and you are not alone…find your ‘happy place’. Do something you really enjoy. We are all amazing individuals who can reach for the stars.

Good night and god bless..until next time

stephanie xxx

Brushes, Brushes and more Brushes

I wonder how many makeup lovers out there have been through the same quandary as me. I love my make up with a passion but have struggled for years with finding the ‘perfect’ make up brushes. There are hundreds, if not thousands of brushes out there, but i have an issue with things on my dressing table looking pretty and matching. I hate having different coloured brushes on display, in my make up bag..yes, no problem with what they look like. But being a make up artist i like everything to match up when i do people’s make up also (my personal preference), i just feel more professional if i was to have brushes that all had the same design, colour theme..etc.

Whilst there are some brushes i would not be without such as my Urban Decay pro eyeshadow collection brushes, My amazing Artis shaped brushes and my spectrum powder brush, i longed for a matching range….

During my studies a fellow student mentioned i look at Zoeva brushes, a range she said of high quality brushes where you got different high end brushes at reasonable prices. So off i went to their website and i’ve been hooked ever since!


My first purchase was the Rose gold number 2 collection, ( it comes in 2 parts) one set has the larger brushes and the other has the eye brush collection. They retail at 65GBP per set and are super value for money! ( plus the bags look amazing too).

The eye collection features 12 must-have eye shadow and eyeliner brushes expertly crafted with natural and synthetic bristles. The rose gold luxury set contains 8 brushes ranging from a buffer, cheek finish brush to a brow liner and comes in a larger rose gold bag.


If you happen to be lucky enough to see the special editions from zoeva, such as this one from Selfridges i would buy them quick as they sell out so fast!

img_0017Well after seeing the new additions that were launched the other day on Zoeva’s website i nearly wet myself!

The new Zoe make up bags to match the 3 rose gold collections are nothing short of stunning. They contain 30..yes 30 matching brushes covering every brush you could ever need And more… Well done Zoeva my make up brush dream is finally here!


This one is rose golden volume 1. Volume 2 has a rose gold bag and volume 3 has a grey bag with rose gold zips and all rose gold brushes, including the handles.

So if you are like me and love matching things and great quality then i really hope you check out Zoeva’s website. You never know what might be coming down your chimney on christmas eve…if you’re on his nice list!



Well I finally got round to sorting this new venture out!

Welcome to my blog (vlog on you tube will follow shortly).

Firstly let me introduce myself and give you a bit of background to myself,  Hopefully the more you read my blogs you will get to know more.

My name is Stephanie and I’m a 39 year old woman, i have two amazing, yet challenging children, who take up so much of my time (although I wouldn’t have it any other way). I suffer from chronic breathing problems, inter cranial hypertension and depression so a lot of the time I’m reduced to being house bound. But as i see it there are so many people out there with so much more to deal with and i have had to find something to keep me busy (so I don’t go off my head with dulldrums and boredom), hence the development of this blog and my you tube channel.

Since leaving school I’ve been to collage and uni, (thirst for knowledge i think), had numerous part time and full time jobs ( unfortunately resulting in lots of hospital stays), including working for a private medical group (LST clinics) which specialised in cosmetic surgery, hair transplants etc.Discovered a talent and skill at designing and creating one off pieces of silver and gemstone jewellery,  studied beauty therapy and makeup artistry (which is where my heart lies) and so here i am ready to put my skills and knowledge to good use…

After weeks of studying you tube ( with the help of 2 very clued up children) i finally found a few you tubers whom i think are my inspiration, a breath of fresh air to the stereotypical beauty type. These ladies made me laugh and helped me to feel like ‘normal’ people like me can achieve anything they want and just because we are not size 0, perfectly polished with flawless skin and older than the average you tube, 20 something vlogger, doesn’t mean our views and thoughts are not interesting to others.

Over the years i have tried sooooo many make up / cosmetic brands, in the hunt for perfect skin ( which I’m yet to find from one complete brand). From the likes of higher end such as Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Tilbury, Armani, through to Urban decay, Zoeva ( best make up brushes ever!), Mac etc…  Also ranges from the USA such as Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, kylie cosmetics…and the list goes on…and on…

I have in the last few months started testing out the beauty subscription boxes so reviews on those will be coming too. ( think i get about 6 or 7 now.) As well as having to buy a few different beauty advent calendars.

So if you want a honest and frank view on the products the beauty world has to offer than that’s my plan…i will not recommend or promote something that i think does not do the job it sets out to do.

Just a heads up on my next blog….did anyone see the amazing offer from Space NK a few weeks ago where if you spent 250 GBP you got a Christmas count down box (like an advent calendar)? Well i was so impressed when mine arrived and there will be photos on my next blog